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Aliento’s unique curriculum creates a safe space for participants to engage in story sharing, reflection, and art creation. Our workshops are designed to foster trust, community, and healing through creative individual and group activities. We can provide a one-time workshop or our six-week series program for your students, patients or clients.

Keynote Speakers, Presentations, and Undocu-Sensitivity Trainings

Our experience working with children and families who have a loved one in detention has brought many lessons to share with our fellow professionals. We have developed culturally sensitive best practices that are important for teachers, therapists, or service providers interacting with undocumented members of our community.




Bring entertainment and centering to your next fundraiser, anniversary, or celebration event while supporting local talent. Fronted by the dynamic duo of modern dancer choreographer, Reyna Montoya, and vocalist songwriter Ileana Salinas, Aliento co-creates and delivers heartfelt songs about their experiences and strength as U.S. undocumented immigrants. Reyna embodies expressive and thought-provoking movements that together with Ileana’s passionate and spirited delivery create a unique live performance.

Reyna used modern dance as a way to cope and heal from the struggle of having her father in immigration detention. By practicing a form of art that lead to healing, Reyna became inspired to found Aliento as an organization to support other immigrant families through their own creative and healing process.