Who We Are

We are immigrant families including LGBTQ people, single parent households, or however people define family who have been directly affected by the human cost of detention, prisons, and the division of the narrative of the “good vs. bad immigrant.”

We are people of color who acknowledge that prisons not only target us, but are not the answer for the wellbeing of our society.

We are people who believe that communities have the power to engage in collective problem-solving instead of blaming people and isolating them in cages.

Our Hope

We imagine a world without punitive practices, a world where everyone’s humanity is at the core and is the driving force. A world where healing and reconciliation is the norm, where we seek collective problem- solving when harm is done.

We imagine a world where people regardless of their immigration status, skin color, gender orientation, or religious belief can learn from their mistakes without being isolated from society. We imagine a world where everyone’s humanity and human rights are recognized.