The Power of Healing

Aliento believes in the power of art. We see art as a two-fold medium which we can use to heal and to advocate. We create a space for community healing through the arts, where people share their stories in their own terms- acting as agents of change and creators in their communities. We do this through art workshops & open mics where we explore, process, and experiment with art.

Art + Healing Workshops

Our communities have been traumatized or fear being separated from their loved ones. In order to respond to this, we offer art & healing workshops for different age groups of people who have been impacted by deportation, detention, or the threat of family separation. In these workshops, we build community and create art so we as a community can find healing and our voice to advocate for ourselves & loved ones!


Open Mic Nights

Every First Friday, we are hosting an open mic for the community where we explore migration from an intersectionality lens. Some of the themes we have explored are: Trump’s Presidency, A Filipinx’ Voice, Our Resilient Identities, and much more. Check our calendar for more details.

The Art of Being

Become an Arts + Healing Facilitator!