LD 6

Walter Blackman:; assistant email:

Bob Thorpe:; assistant email:

LD 15

John Allen: ; assistant email:

Nancy Barto: ; assistant email:


Jeff Weninger: ; assistant

Phone Number

LD 6

Walter Blackman: 602-926-3487  

Bob Thorpe: 602-926-3060

LD 15

John Allen: 602-926-3061

Nancy Barto: 602-926-5764


Jeff Weninger: 602-926-4226

Sample Email for House of Representatives to vote YES on SB1217

Hi, my name is ____[YOUR NAME & SCHOOL NAME or ORGANIZATION]______ I am so grateful for the leadership of senators for passing SB 1217 which will create a pathway for all Arizona high school graduates to achieve their educational goals. SB1217 will help Achieve60AZ goal of increasing the total higher education attainment for our state. This is good for our students, for our economy, and our state. According to Achieve60AZ, for every college graduate who earns a four-year university degree, the state receives a $660,000 return on investment. I want to encourage Representative _____________ to support AZ high school students by asking Speaker Bowers to assign SB1217 to the House Education committee.