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Phoenix Youth Hostel and Cultural Center

1026 N 9th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85006

By publishing a weekly list of alleged crimes committed by undocumented immigrants, Trump’s administration continues to spread a hateful rhetoric to cause division and blame against each other. 

We cannot let this happen!

How we see ourselves matters. How we see each other matters. How we see our community matters.

We can counteract these attacks by coming together and highlighting our strength through our loud and soft voices.

Aliento First Fridays’ Open Mic is a space where we can be whole, feel safe, and be in community. Come to listen and/or share your stories, songs, poems, dances that connect us, unites us, and makes us feel alive in our community.

Together we can transform these difficult times through showing strength, resiliency, and by inspiring others. Join us and tell us how you see, experience, and honor our community!