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Women In Power

Did you know that only 3% of women get funding to launch their own business? Did you know that only 5% are CEOs? And only 25% are in executive level and senior-management positions? For women of color, the statistics dramatically decreased to only 3.9% in executive level and senior management positions! 

There are many challenges that comes with being a woman. Often times we focus on the challenges without discussing how many women have overcome those challenges while discovering great things about themselves. Come and learn from women from different industries who are making magic happen and breaking gender barriers. 

Carla Chavarria - Entrepreneur
Valeria Aponte - Video Journalist at Telemundo
Judy Flanagan - Immigrantion Attorney
Stephanie Luz Cordel - All Voices Consulting - Racial Equity

This is a space that focuses on women empowerment. Men, you are more than welcome to come if you are open to hear and learn from women and take a step back to reflect how we can ensure we break barriers for half of our population!