State Sen. Carter, Introduces Bill To Give Tuition Access To All AZ High School Graduates

State Sen. Carter, has introduced legislation that would allow any student who graduates from an Arizona high school to qualify for accessible tuition.

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KJZZ sat down with State Sen. Heather Carter to talk about a new bill she introduced early this week. The bill would allow Arizona high school graduates — regardless of their immigration status — to have access to higher education.

“This past week had number of students that came down to the capitol from the group Aliento to share their stories with members in both caucasus and both chambers. And their stories were powerful and they were very articulate about what their experiences have been both in school and then not being able to access education. “

“This bill is about providing a new tuition path for students who have graduated from our Arizona high schools…..I crafted this bill for every student that graduates from an Arizona high school that wants to continue their education in our community college system or our university system and is not eligible for our instate tuition. So it will include DACA students, it will include students who moved out of state, and a large number of other examples that have been brought to my attention since the bill was introduced” - Senator Carter

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