DACA Ends, Our Dreams Continue.

09-05-2017 DACA recinded_4706.jpg

Today, September 5th, was the last day to turn in a DACA renewal application. on March 6th DACAs begin to expire. 

We stand with 28,000 in AZ. We stand with 800,000 across the nation. We stand with 11 million. 

We stand with indigenous peoples, LGBT, black lives matter, our Muslim community, API, and across the identities and cultures that make up and intersect with us, undocumented community. 

We stand because it is us, it is our families, and it is our community, it is you. We stand  as we organize to take action and engage together. We have a December deadline for a permanent solution, stand with us. 

#peoplepower #cleandreamact #dreamact #daca 

Maxima Guerrero