Denounce White Supremacy. Equity for All!

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Phoenix, Arizona - Over thousands of people gathered yesterday peacefully to denounce the divisive visit of Donald Trump. He announced his visit to Phoenix with the intent of pardoning Joe Arpaio. This comes a week after we saw Trump’s support and sympathy towards the white supremacy protesters in Charlottesville that ended in the unfortunate death of Heather Heyer. Last night Trump stated, “Not pardoning Arpaio today but he will be okay.” He also made a threat that he will shut down the government if he doesn’t get funding for the border wall by September 30, 2017.  

Yesterday approximately at 9:00pm Phoenix PD tear-gassed children, people in wheelchairs, and many peaceful demonstrators without a warning. Today we denounce the actions of Phoenix Police Department headed by Police Chief Jeri Williams. We are outraged by the fact that this happened under a democratic mayor, Greg Staton and a democratic city council. Phoenix PD did not protect the community, but incited fear, violence, and attacked us.

Maxima Guerrero, a DACA recipient and Leadership Development Director stated, “[Today was the] first time I had to literally run, and getting tear gassed. From gas and rubber bullets on elders, to threats from the PD helicopter even after we were across the street.”


It is shameful and unacceptable that Phoenix PD attacked peaceful protesters sending a message that they will protect Trump’s hateful agenda. Unfortunately we have had to face many battles against hate in the past. We have shown how we will not tolerate hate or go backwards in time. We have collectively defeated Russell Pearce, the man behind SB1070 the “show me your papers law” and Prop. 300 that made it almost impossible for undocumented youth to achieve a higher education. Throughout time we shown that we will not let politicians like Trump continue to further policies of hate rooted in racism and white supremacy.

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“We know what is at stake, and we will continue to advocate for our rights and for a vision of a better country where white supremacy, hate, and ignorance are not part of our daily lives. Today is a reminder to DACA recipients, undocumented community, people of color, and white allies to stand in the right side of history to denounce white supremacy and continue to fight for equity for all.” Jose Patiño, Campaigns Director of Aliento stated.

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