Stop Using Dreamers as your Political Pawns

09-05-2017 DACA recinded_4582.jpg

Aliento Responds to Democratic Leadership & Trump’s Meeting  

We are disappointed that Democratic leadership has sided with Trump by negotiating with the lives of undocumented youth in exchange for border security. Dreamers/DACA recipients value family above all else. We will never accept a piece of legislation that creates more problems and doesn’t address real immigration solutions.

We know that the devil is in the details. We haven’t seen the actual policy. We are cautiously optimistic. However we remain vigilant because we know too well that Trump created a problem by leaving us in limbo while Democrats are easily willing to negotiate with our lives! We need Congress to solve the problem that Trump created. Congress can provide a clear solution by passing the #DREAMAct as a stand-alone legislation. If Congress is serious about protecting our nation’s youth, they need to act without strings attached. #HeretoStay

Reyna Montoya