Aliento Responds to the Introduction of the SUCCEED Act

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We are cautiously optimistic at the new attempt from Sen. James Lankford [R-OK] and Sen. Thom Tillis [R-NC] introduce the Solution for Undocumented Children through Careers Employment Education and Defending our Nation Act, also known as the SUCCEED Act. We know republican leaders want border security to be attached to any possible DREAM Act legislation. However, Aliento believes that if republicans are serious about protecting our youth, they will work with the Democrats to pass a stand alone legislation. Congress has had over five years since DACA’s inception to find a permanent solution. Republicans now want to pair a conservative DREAM Act with border security after claiming that immigration needed to be solved as a piecemeal approach. We need both Republicans and Democrats to stop playing with our youths lives and work together to pass a stand alone legislation.

Senator Thom Tillis states, ”We will take the hits on the far left saying aren’t getting them to citizenship fast enough and on the far right because you gave them an opportunity to pursue citizenship.” Sen. James Lankford eloquently states, “DACA individuals are already in the job market, they  are in our schools, they are a part of our economy.” DACA recipients are already in the workforce contributing to the U.S. economy and could face deportation starting on March 6, 2018 if congress doesn't act.

We are optimistic that Senator Orrin Hatch is supporting this bill since he was one of the original writers for the first version of the DREAM Act back in 2001. The reality is that our youth are in limbo and we need true bipartisanship from congress to protect our youth.

Maxima Guerrero, Leadership Development Director and DACA recipient states, “We are optimistic that Sen. Hatch is supporting the SUCCEED Act, however, we need him to work once again with Sen. Durbin and work together to come up with a solution for our youth.”

Reyna Montoya, founder of Aliento and DACA recipient states, “For far too long we, “Dreamers” have been used as bargain chips, forgetting that we are real people. Democrats and Republicans need to work together to ensure our youth are no longer living in limbo.”

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Aliento is a community organization that is undocumented and youth-led. We are directly impacted people who are invested in the well being, emotional healing, and leadership development of those impacted by the inequalities of lacking an immigration status.

Reyna Montoya