Response to Speaker Ryan’s Immigration Proposal

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Response to Speaker Ryan’s Immigration Proposal

Speaker Ryan's Immigration proposal is not a solution for DACA recipients. It's less than an attempt to put a fragile band aid on by President Trump after his administration ended the popular DACA program on September 5th, 2017.

Jose Patiño, Campaigns Director of Aliento and DACA recipient states, “Both Speaker Ryan and President Trump have said on multiple occasions that Dreamers/DACA recipients have ‘nothing to worry about’ and that we will be fine. However, time and time again, President Trump has killed any good-faith negotiations by Republicans and Democrats both in the House of Representatives and the Senate.”

Dreamers and undocumented youth have repeatedly attempted to find a compromise and a solution for our nation. Reyna Montoya, Founder of Aliento and DACA recipient states, “We as dreamers know that Democrats had eight years under the Obama administration to pass the DREAM Act. Now it's time for Republicans to show us that they can legislate and solve this issue once and for all.”

Speaker Ryan (R.-WI 1st District) and House Judiciary Chair Bob Goodlatte (R.-VA 6th District) are looking to trade the plight of dreamers for President Trump’s immigration wish list. Speaker Ryan wants to give $25 Billion to the wall, end protections for migrant children, end the Diversity Visa Lottery, eliminate legal migration categories for U.S. citizens’ siblings and adult children in exchange for a complex, illogical pathway to citizenship for “dreamers” that most likely will not cover all 800,000 DACA recipients, let alone those younger ones who didn’t age into the program.

Blanca Sierra, an Arizona State University graduate student and DACA recipient states, “We are calling both Republicans and Democrats of good conscience to not support Speaker Ryan’s bill and ensure to work together to find an actual solution for DACA recipients and undocumented youth that will solve problems without creating new ones.”


Aliento is a community organization that is undocumented and youth-led. We are directly impacted people who are invested in the well being, emotional healing, and leadership development of those impacted by the inequalities of lacking an immigration status.

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