Our Respond to Texas Judge Hanen ruling on the DACA Program

Judge Hanen’s decision is a validation of the separation of powers in our country. Judge Hanen considered the enormous damage it would have towards DACA recipients if he ended the program immediately. "Here, the egg has been scrambled," Hanen wrote. "To try to put it back in the shell with only a preliminary injunction record, and perhaps at great risk to many, does not make sense nor serve the best interests of this country."

In 2012, 104 Law professors & scholars stated that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is lawful.  DACA recipients are enshrined to local communities through the country. They are employed in fortune 500 companies and are leading change in classrooms, small business, organizations, and communities. Over 80% of Americans support the DACA program.

“DACA afforded me the safety to pursue a master's degree, to launch my own social venture and be named Forbes 30 under 30 among other awards. Judge Hanen followed judicial independence and ignored the political pressure from the administration. Ultimately, the country deserves solutions, not anxiety, uncertainty, and limbo of deportation for DACA recipients.” - Reyna Montoya Executive Director of Aliento.

“We know this is a small temporary victory, where people like me will continue to have an opportunity to renew our work permits. Ultimately, we at Aliento will continue to advocate for a permanent solution for all eligible DACA recipients and undocumented youth. Congress has failed our country by not passing a meaningful bipartisan immigration legislation for over 30 years. As Judge Hanen said "DACA is a popular program and one that Congress should consider saving."  Now is the time to legalize DACA eligible youth and undocumented youth.” - Jose Patiño, DACA recipient and Policy & Advocacy Director at Aliento.  


Aliento is a community organization that is undocumented and youth-led. We are directly impacted people who are invested in the well being, emotional healing, and leadership development of those impacted by the inequalities of lacking an immigration status.

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