Reyna Montoya to speak at 2019 Forbes Under 30 Summit


Our founder and CEO, Reyna Montoya, will be a keynote speaker at 2019 Forbes Under 30 Summit! Last year, Reyna was selected as Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs of 2018. She will be speaking along with other notable people such as Serena Williams and 21 Savage!

The 2019 Forbes Under 30 Summit will be in Detroit from Oct. 27th -30th. Check out the rest of the speakers at

About The Summit

Join the best young leaders, founders and creators for a life-changing four days of connecting, learning, teaching and building. The 2019 Forbes Under 30 Summit is more an immersive experience than a static conference: a private music festival, A-list speakers, investor speed-pitching, industry-focused field trips, a legendary pub crawl, a world-famous food festival and a powerful day of community service. 

We are so excited to see Reyna at Forbes! Let’s congratulate her and her achievements!


“I am thrilled to be a speaker at 2019 Forbes Under 30 Summit! I will be speaking about the impactful work we’ve done with the Aliento community! Thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way! If you want support Aliento and joining the movement of transforming trauma into hope and action with the migrant community, I ask you to donate $5,$10, or $25, anything will help us continue making our community an inclusive and welcoming place!