Thank you!


Thank you to everyone who came to our (IN)VISIBLE Art Gallery last weekend! We had a great turn out! Over 150+ came through!

The exhibition featured the artwork created in our Arts + Healing workshops by folks who identify as undocumented and/or are part of a mixed status family.

We set up an interactive art installation where folks left messages of hope for migrants.

We had great performances by various artists within our workshops as well as guest artists. 

City of Mesa HON. Mayor Giles also made a guest appearance!

07-13-2019 INVISIBLE Art Gallery_0205.jpg

We’d love to once again thank all who made our event possible and reminded each other that “Nadie es invisible - No one is invisible.”

07-13-2019 INVISIBLE Art Gallery_0385.jpg

If you'd like to help Aliento in other ways, consider donating $5, 10, or $25 so we can continue providing arts and healing services to the migrant community!