Arizona signs on to end DACA.....

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Attorney General Mark Brnovich is siding with Trump in his efforts to dissolve DACA claiming that its costing Arizona money without providing any proof.

Over 104 law professors say the DACA is constitutional. In Arizona alone DACA recipients pay over $61.4 million dollars in state and local taxes in 2016. DACA recipients are not eligible for federal funded public benefits. Ending the DACA program without a permanent solution will create chaos for 25,330 AZ DACA recipients.

How will they be able to pay for school, rent or mortgage, and continue to support their families? The Trump administration attempt to end the popular DACA program without a clear path is fiscally irresponsible and unconscious.

We are dishearten on seeing AG Bronovich is standing on the wrong side of history. He still has an opportunity to drop his support for a amicus brief that will only divide us.