President Trump Sending National Guard troops to the US-Southern Border

After several failures to secure $25 Billion for the border wall, President Trump has followed the footsteps of President Obama and President Bush by sending military troops at the US-Mexico border. President Trump ended the popular Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program on September 5th, 2017 and manufacturing a humanitarian crisis for young people. President Trump repeatedly demanded that Congress bargains DACA recipients’ livelihood for the full funding of his border wall, 40% reduction to legal migration, and unprecedented funding to Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). President Trump has demonstrated on multiple occasions his inability to craft common sense immigration policy that deals with “heart,” as he has stated on multiple occasion. Additionally, President Trump has derailed good-faith bipartisan  proposals on multiple occasions.

At a time where the country needs leaders who can build bridges not borders; President Trump has continued to push his unfounded claims on the need to militarize  the southern border. Despite the fact that Customs Border Patrol (CBP) arrests at the border have been reported border crossings to be at record low. Arizona Governor Ducey stated his support towards the current administration because according to him, “Washington” has ignore the security on the southern border. However, we have seen how every year congress consistently has thrown billions of dollars to build border fences, endanger wildlife ecosystems, increase the deaths of immigrants crossing by forcing them to more dangerous areas instead of dealing with the root causes of migration.

Reyna Montoya, founder and executive director of Aliento and a DACA recipient states, “The country yearns for leaders who can solve today’s pressing issues such as immigration, education, and extreme political polarization. However, Governor Ducey and President Trump have chosen to lead poorly by using our country’s military for political theater, instead of crafting and creating meaningful policy that could improve our communities. Arizona & America deserve better leaders, not men who prey our on people's worst fears and anxieties by providing inaccurate information when facts aren’t aligned with their opinions. We as a country can do better, we can be responsible of creating an inclusive and united nation, where we solve problems regardless of our political differences for the sake of our nation and our people.”


Aliento is a community organization that is undocumented and youth-led. We are directly impacted people who are invested in the well being, emotional healing, and leadership development of those impacted by the inequalities of lacking an immigration status. #DACA #Dreamers #Immigration #Immigrants