Arizona is losing talent!

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Over 100+ dreamers, students, educators, & community were at the Arizona Capitol last week to amply the need for in-state tuition & merit-based scholarships!

2,000 undocumented students are graduating every from our Arizona High Schools and they do not have access to instate tuition & merit- based scholarships. Because of this, students are finding better options and going to schools out of state. Arizona is losing talent!

The state legislative session is over, but they still have the power to refer a ballot initiative to allow Arizona voter's to vote to make Dreamers eligible for in-state tuition & merit-based scholarships.

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Thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday! We know it was hot, but y'all came thru!

We had a mini exhibition of stories of dreamers, undocumented students and allies who support in-state tuition for all Arizona high school graduates, followed by a live performance and a press conference. Speakers include students from Brophy College Prep Academy, Xavier College Prep Academy, Bioscience High School, Arizona State University and Harvard University.

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We had a musical performance by Colby Jeffers and Ileana Salinas

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If you couldn't make it but would like to support our effort, help us out 

Photography by Jessica Grijalva

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