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DACA 7th Year Anniversary

June 15, 2019 marks the 7th year anniversary of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Instead of celebration we hold heavy hearts and a bittersweet taste. While current applicants can continue to renew, due to Trump’s decision to rescind the program, we see many young people who are being left undocumented because they were too young to apply.  

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Two undocumented moms/sisters graduate together from ASU!

Blanca Sierra & Laura Sierra, two undocumented moms/sisters, graduating together from Arizona State University. Through all the obstacles being thrown at them, from Prop 300 to no access to instate tuition, they still prevailed.

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Aliento Features: Angélica César

Meet Angélica César! She was born in California and raised in Mexico City with her mom and sister. They would later move to Arizona to seek a better life and educational opportunities. She is a graduating Senior at ASU, double majoring in Political Science and Transborder Studies with a certificate in Civic Education.

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