Two undocumented moms/sisters graduate together from ASU!


Blanca Sierra & Laura Sierra, two undocumented moms/sisters, graduating together from Arizona State University. Through all the obstacles being thrown at them, from Prop 300 to no access to instate tuition, they still prevailed.

Blanca is a single mom of two, is receiving her Masters in Social Work. She is also a part of our board!

Laura is a mom of three, is receiving her Bachelor's in Secondary Education/Spanish. She was pregnant through her last semester and even still made it through!

05-02-2019 Blanca y Laura Grad Portraits_4642.jpg
05-02-2019 Blanca y Laura Grad Portraits_4539.jpg

We are so proud of you two and everything you are accomplishing! We are so inspired and humbled by the work and dedication you and your family show to world.

05-02-2019 Blanca y Laura Grad Portraits_4801.jpg