WE DO...

In Aliento, we organize with impacted people to become agents of change and co-create community healing through art that leads to collective people power.  We create art that reflects  the humanity of undocumented immigrants who have been criminalized by the harsh and unjust U.S. detention, deportation, and immigration system.

Through political education workshops, community building spaces, leadership development, and art creation, we seek to shift the US society away from the belief that punitive practices lead to justice and safety for our society.  

Our workshops and organizing model is rooted in the intersectional understanding of how many sectors impact undocumented students and our undocumented community. 



We are hybrid organization that is undocumented and youth-led. We are directly impacted people who are invested in the leadership, healing, and development of human beings who are impacted by the inequalities of lacking an immigration status. 

We are immigrant families including LGBTQ people, single parent households, or however people define family who have been directly affected by the human cost of detention, prisons, and the division of the narrative of the “good vs. bad immigrant.”

We are undocumented people and dreamers who acknowledge that prisons not only target us, but are not the answer for the wellbeing of our society.






- We believe that through art healing, community organizing, education & advocacy we will decrease theeducational gap and increase the well-being & resiliency of undocumented youth.

- We believe that we need to heal in order to build people power.

- We believe that art is an equalizing tool to communicate the diverse perspectives and experiences of often unheard voices.

- We believe art helps us reimagine and transform the society we want to live in.

- We believe in healing and reconciliation instead of punishment and blame.

- We believe that no human or society benefits from prisons and detention.

- We believe that people who cause harm can be held accountable through growth and reflection of the harmful actions (instead of punishment), which will lead to healing and community reconciliation.

- We should be accountable to the common good so if we do harm to the community we need to work together to achieve reconciliation and rebuild trust.


We imagine a world without punitive practices, a world where everyone’s humanity is at the core and is the driving force. A world where healing and reconciliation is the norm, where we seek collective problem- solving when harm is done. We imagine a world where people regardless of their immigration status, skin color, gender orientation, or religious belief can learn from their mistakes without being isolated from society. We imagine a world where everyone’s humanity and human rights are recognized.