Congratulations to our founder, Reyna Montoya!


We are so proud of our founder, Reyna Montoya, being named one of "15 latinas que están transformando al mundo" by Univision! 

Here is a statement from La Jefa herself!

"I'm so honored to be surrounded by many womyn I admire in this list. This would have not been possible  without the inspiration, love, and support from other womyn in my life. I want to thank my mom who is an undocumented mother who has taught me love, compassion, and dedication. I am who I am because of you! 

I also want to honor all the powerful and kind spirited womyn who have touched my heart and and the hearts of many, thank you for existing and shining light on this earth by making it a little bit better! Especial shout out to all the womyn who have believed in Aliento's vision. We are here because of you! 

Today I am also asking you to show your support in 3 ways to honor womyn! 

1) Sign this petition to help my friend Alejandra Pablos who is currently detained. ➡️

2) Pitch in here to ensure that we continue to increase the impact at Aliento! Donate here!

3) Thank a womyn who has impacted your life.