Reyna Montoya featured on TEDx Talks at University of California, Santa Barbara


A few months ago, our founder Reyna Montoya flew out to Santa Barbara to speak give a Tedx Talk! First and foremost, let’s congratulate her the achievement!

Reyna shared her journey as an immigrant as well as the events that lead her to found Aliento! You can watch her Tedx Talk below!

Moving can be difficult to understand for a child. Sometimes, though, as parents cross boarders, the political implications that can follow that same child for the rest of their life are even more difficult to fathom. Drawing upon her own story, Reyna Montoya examines how citizenship status can affect a person, their family and their community.

If you are touched by the speech and want to help out at Aliento, you can help by donating $5, $10, or $25 ! Your donation will help the community greatly, as we are able to provide arts and healing workshops.