Reyna Montoya receives a Certificate from Harvard University!


Congratulations to the boss lady Reyna Montoya who completed her courses at Harvard University and received a certificate in Exponential fundraising from the Harvard Kennedy School!

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“I feel humbled to have attended Harvard University to expand my learnings and bring them back to Arizona. My 17 year old undocumented self would have never fathomed attending classes at Harvard. This is a small victory for all undocumented & DACA students. I would have not done this without your inspiration. You’re a true definition of resilience and strength. When one of us rises, we all rise!

 We at Aliento will continue to dream of the day that immigration status will not define our worth, our capacity, and our access to higher ed. 

Please consider giving to Aliento! We need to ensure all students regardless of immigration status have a pathway towards higher ed. 

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We will continue to fight, educate, and act until we become victorious. To all undocumented/DACA students know that you’re worthy and you deserve the opportunity to fulfill your wildest dreams. We believe in you and we see your light.”

- Reyna Montoya, Founder of Aliento